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Affordable, Effective Dog Training Classes in Louisville


Beginner through Advanced

We'll help you train your dog to become a well-mannered member of the canine community. Topics include general commands and obedience, plus problem-solving any other issues you might be experiencing at home with your companion.

Prices start at $64 per month for weekly classes.



Beginner through Advanced

Our Agility courses offer a fun and exciting outlet for your dog to release their energy in a constructive way, while also developing important skills such as coming when called and focusing attention in a highly distracting environment.

Prices start at $64 per month for weekly classes.


Private Lessons

Custom-Tailored for Your Needs

We will work closely with you and your dog to implement proven problem-solving processes, tailoring a plan to meet your unique situation and lifestyle.

Contact us for pricing information for private lessons.


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