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Lisa Domeck has been professionally training dogs for over twenty years. She opened the Dog School of Louisville in 2009, fulfilling her dream of owning a unique and fun space in Louisville to train dogs and educate their owners.

As a dog owner for her entire life, Lisa is passionate and talented. Lisa first began her professional dog training journey volunteering as a trainer at the local humane society for eleven years. She has since worked with many different breeds over the years, specializing in Redbone Coonhounds. Despite this more challenging breed, Lisa was first in the country to earn a Master's Agility Title with the breed, and is both an owner and trainer of two of the number-one ranked Redbones in the country. In addition, her shelter rescue Kennedy was ranked in AKC Top Five Agility Dogs and #5 Canaan Dogs in 2007 and 2008.

Lisa believes in using positive reinforcement, doing what is best for each dog, and most importantly – having fun! She will help improve your relationship with your dog while both of you get important lessons about behavior and training.


Adriane Cummings has been with the Dog School of Louisville for over 3 years. Previously, she was involved in the equine world for over 20 years, showing competitively for over 10 years. Through positive reinforcement, Adriane has trained many animals a variety of behaviors, including mules and goats, and even taught a parrot how to "play dead".

Adriane brings her knowledge of training various species to the dog training world. She prides herself in thinking outside the box to find solutions that work for both you and your canine companion. She specializes in manners, tricks, and cooperative care classes in her role at the Dog School of Louisville.